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Sunday, December 2, 2012

One of the many faces of Thainess in Thailand

I have been passing the Xoi Cuc seller a few times a week for a few months now, here in Sakon Nakhon. While passing the other morning Daeng mentioned being hungry, nothing new there, so I said let's try the Xoi Cuc, to which she answered it was bottled water.
Daeng has lived in the area for most of 50 years, and when asked many of the neighborhood Thais told me yes Xoi Cuc is bottled water even people living within sight of the littler shop house.
Now this is the Thainess part of this post and it is Thais rarely need fact to state fact. More often than not guesses, rumors and even out and out lies become fact. Okay Xoi Cuc is an inconsequential little item, but the trait of just exercising the mouth with no bearing with reality, is a Thai reality. Ask directions anywhere in Thailand and more than likely you will get an answer, while the odds of that answer being correct will be slim to none.
It does get worse. There was the Thai woman who told me Luangta Maha Boowa ordained her son, while in fact he was not Upajaia and never ordained anyone. Things not Buddhist become Buddhist in Thailand. The Chinese are causing the Mekong River to flood. There is no flooding in Isaan. The king of Thailand was born in Thailand. Amulets and tattoos make you bullet proof. Buddhist laws have changed and amongst other things monks can carry money and own things now. Thailand is a mono cultural society. If someone  drives a big car that person is wealthy. The list goes on and on, some things seem quite inconsequential, others not.
At the end of the day Thainess can as we see on a regular besis in Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies can kill people. There is equal justice under the law says Luck Ying, Thai Rak Thai v3.1.
By the way do a Google Search for Vietnamese Food Xoi Cuc, I ate mine.