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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Some notes and stuff from Northeast Thailand, Isaan

Found out yesterday that the release of the Samsung Galaxy Camera has been set back in Thailand. One, hopefully, reliable supplier had told me 1 week, while the Samsung store in Udon told me next year some time. I am anxious to see who is correct. hoping it is not Samsung Udon.
I have have seen not a word at the Samsung Thailand Facebook page.
While ambulating past the Market here in Sakon Nakhon yesterday morning it was good to see that the police were ticketing double parked vehicles which are blocking traffic. This practice is beginning to take place on a regular basis, but it would be useful if they did it on a more regular basis as those cars are blocking a major thorofare in town and creating a dangerous situation.
For those of you that are bored with Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies, namely the Bangkok Post and the nation I have found 2 to provide information about both Phuket and Pattaya that is often overlooked or ignored. The Pattaya Daily News for that city and Phuketwan for that town both provide better coverage for their respective area than any other papers I have found.