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Saturday, November 17, 2012

On the Road Sakon Nakhon to Khon Kaen

The bus left pretty much ontime and arrived just a bit late in Khon Kaen due to huge traffic jams Saturday or Sunday aand holiday mornings are a good time to travel as most people are asleep. Right now 1305h on the 17th I am sitting on a Nakon Chai Air bus enroute from Khon Kaen to Bangkok, which is a change of plans, but another story.
The trip htrough the Phu Phan on the way to Somdet in Kalasin was quite uneventful. Once past Somdet into Kalasin, a road stretch I have mention before we did have a bit of normal Isaan excitement which you can see in the video.
Amazingly had a TRUE 3G signal through most of the mountains. More later cheers.