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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In Thailand People spending beyond their means

One of Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies The Nation today had a surprise headline to a story People spending beyond their means, a surprise if you have never seen or been to Thailand before and yet again only part of the story. Go into any Government scholl up to University and try to find a course that teaches family or personal economics. If they exist in Northeast Thailand, please let me know I want to see it. In a country where physical abuse can be translated as foreplay, the word accountability has no meaning.
The National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) of course is spouting Government numbers so whatever is called bad is worse and good, well, not so good.
Here is some precise data for you A number of people have been spending beyond their means," NESDB deputy secretary-general Suwannee Khamman said...
And Read the damn thing a huge endorsement for the new minimum wage, cut hours and fire people. But rest assured the unemplyment level will not rise and revolts, riots and weather will not effect tourism in Thailand.
The thing that relly pisses me off in all this is that the effect this has on the people of Isaan, Northeast Thailand. People facing depression the article says, people getting more in debt and dying, but who gives a shit. No government cares.
A Catholic priesi I know said more than 10 years ago, when talking about changes in Isaan since the 60s and 70s that that Standard of Living had Skyrocket, but the Quality of Life had dropped to the cellar.
The Thai government is big on Standard of Living, but gives not a shit about the Quality of Life of the people.
The religion of Thailand is Retail and the mantra shop till you drop is just what the new urban middle class wants to hear. Pay your bills, live moderatly is not even spoken let alone thought of.
Loan Sharks is a word we will be hearing more and more in the not to distant future. Of course the government solved that problem and provided alternatives to the people of Isaan, or could that be just another lie. And I am sure you have all read the follow ups to that story