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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ho Chi Minh in Nakhon Phanom Thailand November 2011

Although he only spent 3 years in the area it seems as Uncle Ho had quite an impact. Not only was he heavy into planting and tending he has managed  since his death in the last 14 years to move house a number of times. Perhaps he invented the mobile home while tending his trees.
One way or another the compound is not over the top like the exhibit down the road. I always found a second site somewhat superfluous and that was confirmed by an old lady that told me that it was built by the Government because they needed money. Since the museum does not charge an admission I was nearly confused for a moment until I asked if she meant that the government officers needed money and she shook her head yes. The old contract kickback tradition.
The compound is interesting and worth the visit and as long as you are there visit the museum (post Later) and the Aquarium if you can find it and it is open.