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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Futsal in Thailand, a View from Isaan, Northeast Thailand

The match between Paraguay and Thailand was on TV so I had a bit of a look at the last 10 minutes.
There are a few things I have learned in the past 17 years in Thailand. Thais do not like Thai food. Go to any Food Floor in any Mall in Bangkok or the Provinces, Japanese, Italian. wherever, plenty of choices unless your choice is Thai food, then it's off to the cellar with you. Thais do not practice Buddhism. Moderation is really not approved of in this country of Narcissists. People are into amulets, power tattoos and superstitions more than the teaching of the Buddha. And last but not least Thais do not like watching sports. The 40 National Games of Thailand were held not to long ago in Khon Kaen and the arenas were empty. Provincial football matches have their diehard fans, but don't seem to have a real Provincial fanbase. And looking at last nights match in the FIFA Futsal World Cup, most people were too busy to show up, as I could not count all the empty seats. I surprised myself by quite enjoying the last 10 minutes of the match. On the smaller pitch with a slower ball it is a fun game to watch. But, alas, I think much like American Basketball that's all you need to watch is the last 10 minutes.
Whatever the case I guess, in my old age, it'll be nice to have something new and exciting to watch, while sipping an adult beverage here in Northeast Thailand