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Thursday, November 1, 2012

From Northeast Thailand is the Video Hell on Earth, Thailands Dog Meat Trade doctored?

Actually the road to Sakon Nakhon or Kalasin
I linked to the video the other day in my dumb and dumber Post but a couple things bothered me and continue to bother me.
First of all as far as I know Road 213 connects Kalasin in the South To Sakon Nakhon. Road 2291 From Kuchinarai to through Na Ku to Road 213 is in the Phu Pan Mountains, well south of the Province. nowhere near Tha Rae. From Tha Rae to Nakhon Phanom one would travel along what is now road 22 nowhere near road 213 or 2219.
There are few if any operating police boxes between Tha Rae ,which is North of Sakon Nakhon and Nakhon Phanom and certainly not one anywhere near Tha Rae.
If this is falsified, how much else of the story is any is true or falsified. And what about Khun Beau of Channel 3 and being an Elephant Ambassador.
What, who and why as well as how man fallacies in this story.
I will continue to work on this investigation of what passes for journalism in Thailand