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Friday, November 30, 2012

Education, What Education in Thailand

It seems there are almost daily reports about the abysmal state of education in Thailand. Here is yet another study that was mentioned in one of Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies Pearson launches The Learning Curve and if you are actually interested or in any way give a shit you can read the entire report. Now if you read the first link you will see that Thailand scored -1.46, but to prove the level of education in Thailand the Bangkok Post writes Thailand scores badly in education assessment ranking with the following
...Thailand scored badly, with 1.46.. which is a great improvement over the true score of -1.46. But also demonstrating the intelligence of Thai journalists.
Not only are Thailand schools deficient in reading, writing and arithmetic, but have no interest in teaching anything about morals, economic responsibility, health care, sexual hygiene or anything required for a life of moderation, free of economic and social stress.
Bangkok is rapidly becoming a city of young, vibrant, and creative people. There are thriving music and arts scenes emerging, and the youth are collectively changing the status quo, freeing their minds of indocrination that for so long has crippled thailand’s hind legs and sought only to benefit the ruling classes. Is a quote from a recent comment on one of my posts. At first it sounds good and positive until you realize that the people he is talking about are generally uneducated and in debt up to their collective eyeball. People 'spending beyond their means probably misses the many who are in debt to loan sharks . And all of this as usual is exacerbated in the Northeast where an abysmal education is at its worst and debt and disease are rampant.