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Friday, November 9, 2012

Cleaning up or not in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand in 15 seconds

This piece of machinery can be heard blocks away most every morning in this part of town. I have spared you the LOUD sucking sound this yellow monstrosity makes and  I do not know if there are more of them roaming the streets of Sakon Nakhon.
Generally Sakon Nakhon and most towns in Isaan employ 100s of people to sweep the streets and keep them tidy. In 17 years in Northeast Thailand I have never seen nor heard another of it's kind anywhere, but I am sure it will be here for many years to come, for as you might note the brush does not really touch the ground and there is more blowing than sucking going on. I would think that emptying the thing is an annual event and that the petrol bill for exceeds the wages a two legged street sweeper might earn. Anyhow here is a fifteen second, music overlayed visit to the Yellow Street Monster of Sakon Nakhon