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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Child Abuse Isaan Style in Nakhon Phanom Thailand

I was sitting upstairs at the Indochina market having an adult beverage when I started hearing screaming and typical Isaan male child noises and took a look down at street level. I had recently read that Thai children of the age of the little bugger down below lagged behind others in the following categories social, emotional, cognitive, language, morals and creativity . According to the Bangkok Post those are 7 , go figure, more than children lack language and probably math skills.
The parents and the older gentleman were enjoying the whole episode and eventually bought the thing. How traumatic is it to get in, even a little, car and be manipulated by whoever else is beyond me.but this little kids family sees it as good entertainment. Why is something like this even allowed?
And no I did find the scene is funny, but doing this to a child is disgusting