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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bye, Bye Bangkok, Thailand

This  like most trips this one had high points and low points. The downs were the meandering herds of Bangkokians milling along the footpaths, made even more narrow by all forms of retailism. The constant You want dirty movie? by the touts at Pantip Plaza. Yes Pantip Plaza much the worse for wear.Traffic going nowhere and vehicles sucking the air out of the city were certainly part of the low points. Not seeing families was sad.
On the up side Pantip Plaza cafeteria served Thai food above ground. Seeing old friends and meeting new were the high points. There were more of both, but enough for now.
I still have a couple more views and opinions about Bangkok to bloviate, no surprise there.
I Nakhon Chai Air to Khon Kaen arriving about 1700h today and tomorrow morning back to Sakon Nakhon where once again I will be able to breathe the air abd see families out together and people not forced to live one on top of the other. I will be able to get somtam and gai yahng back in me. I did see chickens on the grill in Bangkok, but they had that urban pallor that made me nervous.
Sunday is Kathin at Wat Pa Klang Nong Phu so it will be nice to see some of the few remaining Thai Buddhists for the day.
 It will be nice to hear the quiet back in Isaan, Amen!