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Sunday, November 18, 2012

10 Hours on the Road, Sakon Nakhon to Bangkok Thailand

 The express bus from Sakon Nakhon to Bangkok takes 10 hours and my originanal plan was, after a 4 hour trip to spend the night in Khon Kaen, depart at 0630 the next morning and arrive In Bangkok in time to Commart Comtech. The drive from Sakon Nakhon to Khon Kaen, or anywhere else in Isaan leaves me frazzled, so sitting on the bus and letting someone else handle it was a no brainer and I did arrive in Khon Kaen unfrazzled. When I discovered that my friend's restaurant was closed and the morning coaches booked the decision to go on to Bangkok was easy.
Nakhon Chai air, to my mind is the best way to travel between Khon Kaen and Bangkok. Six hours, but no airport hassles. There is another company, Chan Tour, with double decker buses, which seem to have more accidents and problems that I need, so NCA it is. Their new terminal ner Chatuchuk is a 100 Baht cab ride tothe Sukhamvit area with no airport touts to interfere.
Khon Kaen weekend traffic seems to hit new heights in gridlock and police roadblocks seem designed to make matter worse. I saw more rain south of Korat than I saw during most of the rainy season in Isaan.
Traffic seemed to be just one long caravan with bottlenecks, accidents and crazy drivers for the 400 plus kilometer trip. They might consider renaming "Friendship Highway".
I mad it to Bankok in time to get a bite to eat, buy beer at 7/11 watch the news, fall asleep and am up this morning bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to face the day.
Stay tuned for more from the Big Mango.
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