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Saturday, October 20, 2012

What to do With a 64 Year Old Hard Drive in Northeast Thailand

This is no easy task for my 64 year old harddrive, but I gotta go for it.
It has been awhile since my last 3G and equipment update, so let's see what has been going on.
The Mukdahan trip was done with the Asus transformer utilizing CAT CDMA and wifi when available.
I am really happy with the Asus. I can do 90 plus percent of windows tasks, and I think it will be able to do everything with Android as soon as I sort out the applications that work best.
Khon Kaen was the same story. I am still using TRUE H+ on the Samsung Note and trying to make up my mind, what to do.
CAT costs 590 Bhat per month, for what I have been told is unlimited, whereas TRUE is 10 gig for about 1800 baht a month. It does seem like TRUE speeds are slowing. I use "Twicasting" to judge real speed. If I cannot maintain an, at laest 5fps speeds things get kind of shitty video-wise.
I will keep sorting as best I can.
Regular readers will have seen photos of the car wreck and my trip from Udon back to Sakon Nakhon. 3G all the wat from start to finish.
Back in Sakon Nakhon on Saturday the 13th of October CAT posted me as disconnected and there was nothing to do but wait till Monday morning. I appeared at the CAT office where I first wanted to make sure I had not missed a bill, which I had not. As I am on a postpaid account I still have not figured out how they are going to bill me. Yes my account was discontinued they had no idea why. That got sorted. CAT had over the weekend switched from CDMA to 3G and no one had a clue as it did not show up in the search as a provider.
Meanwhile I dad the brilliant idea to call the CAT 1322 service number where I was informed that I needed to intall a new APN, which I did, and things seem to be working, witth some occasional glitches.
I do use the Network Signal app on all my Anroid devices to try to figure out what is going on.

Will keep you updated again soon