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Monday, October 22, 2012

Udon Thani, Thailand Update 22.10.12

The ride from Sakon Nakhon To Udon was uneventaful, except for the fact that the driver spent most of the 3 plus hours on 1 of two phones either talking, texting or playing games. Leaving at 0540h on a Sunday is generally a good move.
Arrived in Udon going on 0900 and looked around for new lodging and found @Home at Udon near the bus station, a new place clean modern and wifi works for 590 Baht. Another find as I was able to check in at once while many places will not let anyone check in until after 1300h.
Marched over to Central Plaza to do a couple errands and have a look around. The place is huge, cold and empty. I once again proved to myself that Thai people do not like the food as there are no Thai "Restaurants in the place. I did notice that once again Thailand has surrendered to Japan, as the place is full of Japanese restaurants.
There are probably 100,000 tablets both Android and Apple, but the people doing a survey were using a pad and pencil. Just goes to show the idiocy of it all.
Must be a good time to shop as everything seems 20 to 120%
Got into a piss up with a couple old friends end of day.
Woke up this morning to a crapped out Samsung Note and tried to find the location in Maps or Search. Udon has udon maps and a dozen other blogs and posts, but for some reason no one could simply post the location on a map our in Foursquare.
I have and will post it inmy Udon map soon.
Don't know what was wrong they, after letting me know Iwas going to lose my data, had it fixed in 30 minutes.
Truck, I am told will be ready at 1500h, but have decided instead of rushing and getting caught in evening rush hour I will wait until tomorrow morning. The place is way out of town on the road to Nong Bua Lam Phu as well.
More later from sunny Udon