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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tour of Sakon Nakhon, Thailand Buddhist Style 27.10.12

This morning we were out at Wat Pa Klang Nong Phu, near Phanna Nikkom, Wher Ajahn Mun Stayed for about 10 days prior to coming to Wat Suttawat in Sakon Nakhon town to die, which he did on 11.11.1949 early in The morning. WE traveled the route that he was carried from Nong Phue, which is still pretty much dirt road, the whole trip narrated by phi Jahn, whose father then a monk spent the last pansaa with Ajahn Mun..
The photos in the album are geotagged, showing some of the route, although one for some reason ran amock. The Wats we visited are the one in the sun recently built by a student of Luangta Maha Bowwa, Wat Saeng Tham Khantigoh, the cave Wat is Wat Tham Phra NaNai and we stopped at Wat Pa Phurritat. At Wat Phhurritat phi Jahn showed us hers dad's name as one of the monks there that final Pansa, also telling us that of the 22 only 2 are still alive and the tree planted by Luang Por Boonphaeng.