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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ruam Jai ASEAN at Mukdahan Thailand Birthday Celeratation 28.09.12

Not much Mor Lam, as a matter of fact not a lot of smiling and dancing at the Mukdahan Birthday celebration Friday evening. Shower shoes and plastic buckets got the place of honor while ASEAN and local exhibits are down in the mud. I understand there is no way, during the rainy season, that the the Provincial officers could have predicted rain, but rain it did. I will do a photo post of the state of affairs during the day today, when the CFLs are off. There were enough family members families and school mates of the actors (schoolkids) in the seats to cause a stranger to think there was an interest in the performance, but the whole site seemed empty except for teachers and government officers. The new stage is a total disater! When are they going to learn that a stage 2 meters above ground level just doesn't work and the lighting is so bad that i videoed the big screen that was showing their camera shots. The one thing that worked to fine was the audio volume. I am sure everyone got a little thrill as their chairs vibrated to the music.
Their does seem to be this effort to get everyone into an ASEAN state of mind and with that in mind here is the presentation "ASEAN ruam jai"  ASEAN share heart.