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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rain or not there is no shortage of hot air in Thailand

4.10.12 Lam Pao Reservoir
Yet again, government stooges are verbally defecating pretend data The Bangkok Post, one of Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies on Sunday ran Drought Hit Farmers Pray for Rain. Percentages, numbers and meaningless drivel. Stating that the Lam Pao Reservoir is at 24% means absolutly nothing. How many cubic meters of water is available for irrigation is what is important. And Sirindhorn at 72%, whwre should it be this time of year? More and more no useful information.
Mr Kumjorndech said the water level in the Mun River is 3.14m lower than its bank, while the level of the Chi River is 3.82m below its bank. That statement move to near the top of my all time idiotic of all time.
Are they trying to tell me that the bank of a river is a constant? Anyone who has ever seen a river or a lake has seen that the riverbank varies in elevation. Take a look at Mekong River Commission river data. At least that shows you information. One might think thaat a journalist who question these government mouthpieces. I they could not talk if the had nothing useful to say there would never be a article from government officers. Yes I have mentioned the lack of rain and conditions over the past month or two. Another year another disaster in Isaan. At least this time I saw the Government Officers actually doing the site inspection.