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Friday, October 26, 2012

Out and About at the Sakon Nakhon Longboat Races 26.10.12 in the Morning

Okay they do some things a bit different here than other places, but most things the same. The government hacks blather on for the better part of an hour and no one listens to them, then the show begins. There are plenty of of police on hand, but they do not do a damn thing but stand around and get in the way. There is plenty of food and stuff no one needs. My favorite is a 69 Baht each or 2 for 120 baht for shirts that are usually 59 baht each at the other market. A lot of people but not much buying going on. It will get busier and I will be there shooting video and stills so don't miss a minute and catch it all at Isaan Live. See you all later.