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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mukdahan, Thailand Trip Report 26 to 29 September 2012

I have always enjoyed Mukdahan and mp opinion remains unchanged. The birthday party celebration marking 30 years as a Province was poorly done and it seemed that even the good citizens of the town ignored it. Perhaps being the end of the month was part of the problem, but what passed for entertainment did little to draw a crowd. The exception was the Phu Tai exhibit and activities, some I have already posted with more to come.
Food wise the trip was brilliant. Beside the night food market I did manage to discover some hidden Vietnamese food, As already posted Krua Vietnam was a fine find and  I was there twice especially for the Vietnamese style spring rolls. The new Saigon Restaurant, just around the corner from the Hua Nam hotel has a mix of Vietnamese and thai style vietnamese food. The little place by the police station where they do a Hue style Banh Bot Loc and another Hue dish has quite good. It seems that the restaurants that do Vietnamese food in town do a mix of real Vietnamese and Thai pretend Vietnamese food.
The Indochine Market still seems to draw crowds from both sides of the river and has an endless supply of asian kitch.
Lodging wise I have finally ended up at the Hua Nam at 350 Baht a night. While a bit basic everything works, the location is perfect and the main thing the wifi works 24 hours a day.
The other high point of the visit was finally locating a couple fellas I used to have the odd jar with a few years ago, but had lost touch with, Brian and Mick.
All in all Mukdahan is a fine town on the Mekhong and worth a visit.