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Friday, October 12, 2012

More Phu Tai Culture and Tradition from Mukdahan Thailand

The Phu Tai people add many fine traditions and crafts to the already rich and varied cultures in Isaan, Northeast, Thailand

Anyone interested in Phu Thai history should read the linked paper presented by Asger Mollerup. He is also one of the best available sources for those things Khmer in the region.

During the celebration of Mukdahan becoming a Province the Phu Tai community provided the best of any of the productions that were presented during the 3 days of the festival.

The video presented here is the story of a drought a woman sick no doctor and the village helps cure her. If you Thai is better than mine you will get an understanding of the story. Even if you do not understand it is an interesting  exhibition of the Phu Tai culture to watch.