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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life in Isaan, Northeast Thailand Buddhism and Dukkha, Suffering

Food is often easier to go out and buy than to prepare at home

This is what suffering is all about. Sure this is not a bullet in the belly, but some of us experience the more refined and subtle forms of suffering, so read on.
I don't know about you folks, but I really do not like shopping on a daily basis. Sure here in Isaan many people just do not cook, but go to the market to buy the evening meal. I can understand that considering how inexpensive it is. Also many folks do not have gas cookers, rice cookers and in some cases refrigeration. Everyone operates how they are comfortable, no sweat, up to you.
Living alone and now cohabiting I like going out for the essentials as rarely as possible. By essentials I mean things like, instant coffee, sugar, bog roll, paper towels, soap, razors, orange juice, UHT low fat milk and so on. Beer is delivered and always in stock! Now those of you in Thailand,, and these exist elsewhere, places like Makro are perfect as you can buy in bulk. Sort of a pack of 3 liter boxes, a 6 pack of that and so on.
So what do you do when you get home with all of this stuff in some form of plastic wrap? I do not look through many peoples cabinets so I do not know what is normal.
What I have discovered over the years in Thailand is what does not seem to be normal and that is unwrapping everything so it is ready to go.
I have always (okay almost always) got everything into the house and in an orderly manner removed the wrap from everything, thrown the wrap away and then put things away.
As it happens when we came back from our latest Makro trip I had to run an errand, get ice, and did not supervise the post shopping operation.
So this morning I ran out of UHT milk only to get stuck unwrapping the 4 pack to get to a milk, and then to add insult to injury I then after finally getting my tea ready reached for a tub of yogurt, as you can see pictured below.
This to me is sort of like the military. Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance (The 6 Ps).
Imagine sitting down in the bog, only to discover half way through the operation that there is no bog roll.
When I am running low on petrol I prefer to fill up on the way home as opposed to having to stop on the way out
Okay, I probably won't go postal over this, although looking out the window at what passes as a Buddhist Monastery I might have second thoughts. I jguess i justgot to take my Dukkha where I can get it.
Ain't life great when this is all I can find to piss and moan about.