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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In Thailand Dumb and Dumber is not a Movie, It Is a Way of Life

Why is Buddhism ignored in Thailand?
And it seems that is the way the government wants it.
Before even getting into a failed education system the Thai Family fails to provide social, emotional, cognitive, language, moral and creative skills necessary in society. Youngsters 'fail behavioural tests' is not a sad story - it is rampant, state approved child abuse. Read the article it is disgusting!
A country of people with no social or moral skills and then  someone expects them to treat animals with some decency? What drivel! Watch the video read the story Out of the meat trade, into agony. Just another story? Why aren't dog and cats and for that matter people neutered in this country? An easy answer is because in general people do not have a moral grounding.
Of course the Buddhist Bhikkhu Sangha has no interest in people being well grounded in moral and cognitive skills or they would be out a job. Grave robber monks used skulls for love talismans is only one of many stories of the state of the Sangha in Thailand.
17 years ago all I would hear was about Kreing Jai, putting others before oneself, being an important part of Thai society.
Today I do not even hear that fallacy.The report states that on adaptive social behaviour, he said, children aged 3 and 5 failed to describe how their behaviour affects other people's feelings and behaviour. Just 1.04% of 4-year-olds passed the test. Of course it does not exist parents don't have the trait and of course can not pass it on to their children.
In Thailand these are all things to be discussed and committees formed. Not to improve the situation, but to put more money in the pockets of those that want to keep the population ignorant.
Pinpointing weaknesses in our teaching system is an example. Thai and foreign educators havve been providing answers for years. A solution is not what is wanted.
When the National hero is a fugitive convicted felon and the majority of citizens think it is okay to be corrupt as long as they benefit, what do you expect?
The good people of Thailand, sadly a minority, need to make themselves seen and heard and provide the country with the leadership of to go forward, not backward, with the  social, emotional, cognitive, language, moral and creative skills necessary in society.