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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In response to Anonymous from Northeast Thailand 24.10.12

Here is a comment I received from some faceless person? the other day that I did post at this blog.

"Why all the different domains? I never understand why I have to follow 2 or 3 links  to read a post. What are all these blogspots? Why not just build one main, recognisable brand, like isaanlife or, and keep all the content centralized and just one click away. You can have different sections for posts, videos, twitcasting, etc. 
I would park SouthEastAsiaTimes and Isaan-Life if you don't use them. Google doesn't like the indefinite redirection of an entire site to another, and the  content will drop out the search listings, losing you heaps of traffic. Copy the content over to the one main domain you use, and then set up 301 redirects on the SEAT and IL content so it redirects page by page to it's new home on your main domain, which I assume you would make isaan-live. 
New site looks good layout wise but remember that white text on black background is  the most difficult combination to read, something always avoided by marketers."

As I have previously said we redirect SEATimes and Isan Life to Isaan Live a long time ago, so there is NO extra clicking necessary, and Isaan Live is currently a Page Rank 4 (last i checked), you might be mistaken  about Google not liking me.

All the content is on isaan live - you may have to click a link to read more at one of the blogspot blogs.  There are different areas for posts, videos and twitcasting.

As for the white text on black background, don't know where you gets your facts that it is the worst and marketers avoid it. I have seen many sites, especially those with photos that use black background/  Oh well, I am not  not a marketer, so it shouldn't matter

There are different posts for different interests, some people just food, some just maps. People have options.
Over the years a lot have changes have come from readers requests and useful comments.
Smartphones and 3G have had a lot of impact on formats and methods and frequency of posts.

So I guess it best you not stress yourself trying to muddle through something you seem to find so confusing and troublesome

Please direct me to your blog or website so that I can learn from the  many areas you seem to have so much expertise
I have no idea why a person with your experience and knowledge would post anonymously.