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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

If I was Thai I would go with the Insanity Defense in Thailand or away

When I posted about Disney saying there was no need to come to Thailand as there were already 60+ Million Goofy s here I thought I was being a bit tongue in cheek, but as it turns out I might have been underestimating the situation. Three million Thais ‘mentally ill’ the Bangkok post tells us and MCOT tells us that About 30% Thais living abroad found suffering from mental health problems. Now I realize this is no laughing matter, but it is beginning to look like Looney Tunes for real, but perhaps news that helps explain Tourism Authority of Thailand, Minister of Culture and some other of the folks in Government and the population that supports them. When the Ministry says 3 million, you might want to multiply by 10 or so, especially if we are counting stress related forms of insanity.
And this statement; "As a result of  urbanisation, society will become more fragile and self centered..." More fragile! The poor dears can't walk 10 meters now, WTF when they become more fragile.And how can anyone be more self centered than a hiso Thai. Become self centered LMAO!
And I don't even want to guess where the data on Expat Thais comes from but I figure if they are saying 30% it must be at least 90% that are as mad as hatters.
Land deal, Ministry of the Interior, just go with the insanity defense, after all you are Thai. One plan might be to have everyone who runs for office and every voter take a sanity test. Think about that a moment. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaha!