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Monday, October 8, 2012

How do you Teach the Illiterate to Read More? Only in Thailand

The latest testing seems to indicate that on average secondary school graduates in Thailand are 41 percent literate in their own language. The article starts out ..Thai children read only two to five books per year, while those in Singapore and Vietnam read 50-60 books annually, a specialist from the Office of the Non-Formal and Information Education (ONIE) said yesterday.
Now how do they know, where does their data come from and what or who defines children?
Next being a Government entity they have inflated the data to make Thai children look better. Look better?
And I am afraid to ask what do the little buggers read? And since they are generally illiterate what do they comprehend of what they read?
The sign above is an example, it was done for a festival in Mukdahan, done by students and I imagine checked by teachers. While in Thai it says Indochina, the english translation says China.
Now this tells me a few things, beside the level of english of both students and teachers. The EWEC, as far as I know will not dip down to Pakse! I have never heard of Indo Mukdahan before! Was Mukdahan once part of Indochina?
More about the EWEC in a future post, but now back to the illiterate of thailand. The title of the article
Thai children lag among Asian readers, should get an award for understatement.
The truth of the matter is I have watched Thais to include children at ATM machines wher it takes them the best part of 15 minutes to sort out the instructions.
at the end of the day it is a sad story, but the blame should not be put on the children. This is the fault of the adults from parent to prime minister and aint no tablet going to make these little buggers no less dumber.