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Friday, October 19, 2012

Hospital Day Parade Sakon Nakhon Thailand 19.10.12

Hospital Day is actually the 21st, a Sunday so the parade took place this morning. I hope no one was waiting for a nurse. It is a shame that these events take place all the time and are rarely pre-advertised.
The temple next door spend hours a day blasting out all sort of noise, but cannot find the time to mention events like this.
Thai marching bands have to be the worst possible on earth. The only thing these kids can walk and do at the same time is talk on a mobile phone.
The police and militia guys seemed to be in an especially good day. Perhaps because the parade took place at 0700h and they would figure out a way to get the rest of the day off.
Anyhow, I hope you enjoy todays salute to the heath care workers of Sakon Nakhon.