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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

From Mukdahan Thailand, Can Fortune Tellers see into the Future

I see them all over the place in temples, shopping centers, morning and evening markets, just about anywhere gullible people might gather. Pretty much covers it all in Northeast Thailand. Some have signs and charts and all sort of paraphernalia for seeing into your future. So what do you think? See the future or charlatans.
Once at a temple in the countryside the seer mentioned to my companion that he was amazed to see a "farang" way out in that village. Okay there you go! If he could see the future he would have known I was going to be there.
And why to they sit there all day, all they need to do is show up just before the customer, I mean if they could see into the future. And if they could see into the future why not just tell themselves the lottery number. Have you ever seen a wealthy Fortune teller in Isaan?
Sure every now and then a customer or two shows up, then what? They refer to their charts and manuals and cards and tell you all the mights and maybes. Then if they are wrong it's the charts, cards and whatever else that got it wrong. Or as I once heard it was because the tellee did not properly interpret what the teller told him.
My favorite recently was the one handed fortune teller. I wanted to ask why he let his hand get gone if he could tell the future, but let it go.
Another thing in Thailand is Oh well for lack of a better phrase #thainess. This from the Wall Street Journal might shed some light  "In Thailand, It's Hard to Predict Future of Fortunetelling" Whatever the case I prefer to save my money for beer Chang and Somtam and just enjoy the moment in Isaan