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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Expo, shop till you drop in Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

If it is not R rated movies at a Thai Buddhist Monastery it is spend your money someplace in Thailand. Seems like at least once a there is some type of EXPO, Market or Retail Festival to try and part the punter from money they do not have. This EXPO is out by the new bus station a few kilometers from the town center, an area that could certainly use some kind of economic boost. The fact is people don't have money and can be seen wandering around these things like zombies, with children whining for things that parents can't afford. Years ago you would not have seen a beer garden at an event during the rains retreat, but when the local temple is hosting a week of movies to include some pretty racy ones anything is fine according to what they are selling as Buddhism in Thailand.
I did notice that prices seem to be jumping up. There is a Thai retail tradition that if business is slow to raise the prices and the way the prices are going up business must really be slow.
I do hope things pick up around the bus station as people have told me pickings are slim beverage and food wise during stopovers there.
This expo has a bit of everything to include cigar sttore Indians, furniture, huge tables, bras and panties and food.
It ends on the 4th but don't worry there will be another one any moment now.