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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Building Wax Castles, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand 24.10.12

Beeswax form
This is, I believe another first for Isaan-Live a live broadcast of a wax castle being built, Many towns and villages along the Mekhong River in Isaan host Illuminated Boat Processions and boat races and parades, Sakon Nakhon is known for it's Wax Castles during the Auk Pansaa festivities.
The floats are made up of poured beeswax panels and parts as you can see in the video.
The video was viewed live by only 2 people, but I hope more can join the live broadcast during the festival and of course they are archived and often posted for viewing at your liesure. I cannot predict the times as schedules in Northeast Thailand are generally flexible at best.
For the latest in schedules and more views of activities take a look at Sakon Nakhon Live.
A number of Buddhist Temples enter floats in the parade and the floats are the same each year.
The video was taken at Wat Phra That Choeng Chum. The panels around the base of the float are scenes from the Jataka tales.
I have very little of the history except here The History of Bee's Wax Castle so take a look. What they say is in short Wax castle are mostly made in Sakon Nakorn province since the ancient times because of the following reasons and objectives
1. To make merit for the passing away of forefather.
2. To wish for living in the happy home as a castle and being wealthy if they aer reborn to be human, or living in the beautiful castle in which many beautiful angels are waiting to take car if they are is bron in the heaven.
3. To bring about the unity among people in jointly making merit.
4. To encourage people from all walks of life to jointly make merit by donating their money as much as they pleased to for making the wax castles.
And enjoy a look at castle building.