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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back to Sakon Nakhon from Udon Thani, Thailand 23.10.12

I arrived in Udon Sunday morning and have already posted about the trials and tribulations of the first 24 hours. In the near future I will post about the new hotel and restaurant I found in the Soi Sampantamit area and some other odds and sods.
I managed to collect the truck which was about 10 kilometers out of town on the Chiang Yuen Road. Luckily all was in order. Another note the meter taxi situation in Udon is total bullshit, more later.
Off the ring road and onto Road 22, also called Nittayo road. It is a dual carriageway to Nong Han and from there pretty much single lane to Phanna Nikkom about 40 kilometers outside  Sakon Nakhon.
The trip was as uneventful as possible on Thailand's roads. A petrol, piss and pepsi stop in Nong Han and back on the road.
Here is a few minutes driving through Sawang Daeng Din sort of the halfway point in the trip