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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where is the best place to get Porked in Mukdahan Thailand

Every now and then I have a look at the tourist propaganda put out by Tourism Authority of Thailand or any other Thai fictional writer and today, prior to my trip to Mukdahan I picked up the "Guideline for visiting in Sanook Group"" Spicy Sakon, Adventuring in Muk, Fun at Nakhon"" Sakon Nakhon,Nakhon Phanom,Mukdahan". As you can see there is a map and at the end of this post I will insert the page that tells you where to get porked, actually 2 places in town.
The map also lists 3 Vietnamese Restaurants that I will visit and opine about after visiting them.
It lists about 15 places as lodging, but tells thr reader nothing about the places, especially if wifi is available.
Basically these maps are pretty useless as a marker can actually be on either of 3 or 4 streets depending on the icon. Why do they not just go digital is still beyong me other than the huge amounts of money that passes hands with these contracts.
Any go and get Porked in Mukdahan