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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When it Comes to Flooding You Need to Get Your Priorities in Order

As a matter of fact any type of disaster, accident, medical emergency if you do not know the order of march you are in for a lot of confusion. For simplicity sake lets just discuss the flood. Last year first came the Government announcements that there were to be no floods, but once the pictures of floods were everywhere the blame game began, One Department of one Ministry blaming another. Still no notice of the victims. Then the money started poring in and the stories of aid were in all the papers like "15 provinces affected; EMIT sends in medical teams", but when I visited those sites that were mentioned last year I only found Government workers line up for photo opps.
Then the bullshit flood begins with officials making all sorts of statements to seduce the masses. Just stop and think a minute about what is going on here, "Drainage capacity 'three times higher than last year' in west Bangkok." Now look at what they are saying! Remember, for those of you who graduated with Engineering degrees from Thai Universities, a cubic meter of water is 1000 liters of water. And for you meditaters there are 60 second in 1 minute and . okay this part might be hard to figure out, but in 1 hour, which is 60 minutes there are 3,600 seconds.
"The capacity of canals in western Bangkok was found to be three times higher than last year. The test goal of 7 cubic metres per second of flow was surpassed, with capacity reaching as high as 20 cubic metres per second."
Okay lets simplify what the man is saying "last year 7,000 liters a second could be drained, but this year we can get 20,000 liters a second through that same space. Note the picture in the upper left hand of this post.
Then we come to the pictures of Red Cross and other Officials collecting checks for flood relief, but in the 1,000s of kilometers of flooded areas I visited last year in isaan I never once saw that money being spent Still no notice of the victims.
And of course what happens to the money is simple "Poll: Graft rife in relief fund spending"and those stories are as we used to say in the chemistry lab TNTC.
It would be so much more useful if all these people quit exersizing their mouth and exersized a bit of morality..
When I was a kid and learned of someones death we were taught to recite "May they rest in Peace.
That could not be done in Thailand during the floods because the victims of drowning and electrocution were never named, because to give them names would make them people. Just 1 dead in such and such a province. I have yet to read a story about 1 of these HUMAN BEINGS.
Yes 1st the Government pontificating, 2d the blame game,3rd the money comes in 4th statistics and lies.
Understand your priorites in Thailand.