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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's Better than Bingo on a Buddha Day in Thailand

 Why a 1 week filmfest, of course. The 23rd was Wan Phra, a Buddha Day, an Uposatha Day, sort of the Buddhist Sabbath and just to prove that local Thais do not give a damn about this Buddha balderdash and Panssa poop Wat Phra That Choung Chum is hosting the filmfest.
Here is an excerpt from Accessto Insight a good source of information about Buddhism.

"Uposatha days are times of renewed dedication to Dhamma practice, observed by lay followers and monastics throughout the world of Theravada Buddhism.
For monastics, these are often days of more intensive reflection and meditation. In many monasteries physical labor (construction projects, repairs, etc.) is curtailed. On New Moon and Full Moon days the fortnightly confession and recitation of the Bhikkhu Patimokkha (monastic rules of conduct) takes place.
Lay people observe the Eight Precepts on Uposatha days, as a support for meditation practice and as a way to re-energize commitment to the Dhamma. Whenever possible, lay people use these days as an opportunity to visit the local monastery, in order to make special offerings to the Sangha, to listen to Dhamma, and to practice meditation with Dhamma companions late into the night. For those not closely affiliated with a local monastery, it can simply be an opportunity to step up one's efforts in meditation, while drawing on the invisible support of millions of other practicing Buddhists around the world."
But this is Thailand and WTF anyhow, here it is Thuddhism (thai buddhism). I am sure the local boys in robes are making a fair bit of change on this scam. The next item of note is that behind those huge spaekers is the house I live in. Now living next door to a city Wat in Thailand certain days one must be aware that things are going to be hectic, but speakers blasting till past midnight for a week in the middle of the rains retreat is ridiculous. And why are the kids up on a school night anyhow.
The local Sangha is doing all they can to sway folks to look more kindly on the Monks of Dhammakaya  that's for sure. A few of my elderly neighbors were looking worse for wear and none too happy this morning.
And this ain't no Buddhist film fest.