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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thailand Inundated with Bullshit

If Pinocchio worked for the Government in Thailand he would probably need a dirigible to hold his nose. Thai Rak Thai v3.1 aka Pheu Thai contradicts and earlier contradiction of  an earlier statement in Thailand. After last years floods our Prime Minister Toxin  Lucky Ying Shinawatra promised that repairs would be made and graft and corruption would not occur in these projects and appointed a commission to ensure all would be well and above board. Of course in light of that we also want the best people from around the world bidding on this work or do we? "European firms' 'bids being ignored", how can that be you might ask? But at least the roads in thailand are getting repaired, Right, "Rural Roads the Latest Bullshit Alert Thailand" also not the link is now defunk, hmm.
But not to worry work is going on and internal graft is in check "Flood aid graft huge in N/east". by this point WTF one might think. But not to worry  "PACC chief vows to fight corruption even if he is moved" thank gawd a light at the end of  tunnel. But wait,  Graft buster Dusadee transferred,  this is thailand and you ought to know by now the light just might be a train. Oh no, is Dusaee corrupt as well, did he get caught with his hand in the till or "No room for a diligent graft buster? " I would like to thank  Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies for printing these stories and for continuing to refuse to resort to real investigative journalism and others who best remain nameless.
P.S. Thanks Larry for letting me Use Your Favorite Word