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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thai Style in Thailand

I have been in Northeast Thailand AKA Isaan for more than 17 years now and it is the only place in the world that I have been offered American Fried Rice. I have seen it an the English menu in many restaurants and have, on occasion asked what "American Style Fried Rice" is. In a number of cases it has been fried rice with a dried out chicken leg and slices of tomato and cucumber, actually this is the most common. People are always amazed that as an American I don't recognize it as it is a big favorite in America. And that is the point of this post.
In America there is a type of food called "TexMex". Americans took Mexican food and modified to something new. It is not called Mexican food American style! Call it what it is and in all my years in America I have never seen nor heard an American restauranteer explain to a Mexican what mexican food is all about.

In Thailand you can get Vietnamese food that has no relationship to Vietnamese food. I have had Italiann food that in no way resembles anything Italian. For many years if you ordered a burger in Thailand you got a pork patty. Things eventually progressed to a 50/50 pork beef patty. It was explained that a pure beef patty was impossible as it would fall apart because beef did not have enough fat to bind it.
You might be seeing  a trend here, perhaps.
Thais say they enjoy golf. But not golf as we know it according to the Royal and Ancient Rules. Sixsomes are not unheard of, having a seperate ball for putting and certainly not least "Freedom"
And then there is Buddhism Thai style where monks carry money, treat the vinaya as an option and are generally overweight.

Now to sort all this out and to save confusion I am introducing a new vocabulary.
Thaimese food fot Vietnamese food Thai style, Thaitalian food for Italiand food Thai style, tholf thai golf, and Thaidhism thai style buddhism

Now there are many other possibilities and I look forward to yours.