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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Samorn Kaewkomon, Aranyaprathet, Thailand RIP

Samorn Kaewkomon is another victim of the Thai government and its' lack of concern about its servants. By servants I mean the citizens of Thailand.
I case you do not understand in many countries government workers are considered to be and called public servants as their paychecks come from taxes paid by the people of that country. The people pay the government workers, so the government workers are employees of the people. Not so in Thailand, where the public are servants of the government.
So who was Samorn Kaewkomon and why is he a victim of the Thai government.
First of all last year during the flooding I pointed out that the victims of flooding were not named in Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies, which brought me back to my Vietnam war days. Dehumanize you enemy, so there is no sympathy for them.
Next I pointed out that Thai Government workers, generally, are not really workers, but officers.
And in one posted pointed out the little games they play in A Thai Proverb at work in Isaan. You get flooded out, are elderly, but come fetch is what you have to do to get your bag of food.
"Discharge water' from Chao Phraya Dam" The Nation one of Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies in the second part of the article actually gives us his name  "Samorn Kaewkomon". I wonder how many children and grandchilren, and perhaps a widow he leaves behind?
"However, before the floods subsided, they claimed one life in the province... An elderly man was found dead yesterday in Aranyaprathet district after a strong torrent of flood water swept him away as he was walking home after collecting relief items. Why? Why did not the government deliver the food, instead of he having to deliver himself? Because Thai people know they are servants to the government and must obey!
"He waded through flood water to get relief items He then walked back with the stuff but he couldn t make it home a local lamented." The article states. The Thai Government is at much to blame for the death of Khun Samomas as the flood that is being blamed.
Rest in Peace Samorn Kaewkomon, Rest in Peace