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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ubon Ratchatani Wing 21 Golf Update

Some time ago I was told that the golf course at the Air Force Base (Airport) had added 9 holes to the existing 9 holes, hence using non Thai math 18 holes. Since I was in town on a number of missions I drove out to the course to check it out.
What I did find out was that the course, at that moment, 02.09.12 at approximately 1205 hours and 29 seconds has 12 active holes with plans for 12 more, but with an additional 6, once again using non Thai mathematical procedures 12 plus 6 to equal 18. a traditional full golf course to be finished within the next 12 months, or by September of 2013 A.D. as opposed to B.E. which took places some 42 years ago.
I have not played the course in about 4 years, but visually, that is to say looking at at with my aged eyes it looked to be in no better shape than it was at that time, 4 years ago. The fairways, greens and bunkers not very good condition relative other courses in the region, also known as Isaan. Perhaps someone from the Ubon Ratchatani area who plays golf will be kind enough to inform the rest of the blogoshere as to the condition of the course. I did a couple of internet searches for information and to see what others had been saying and found as I might say "Zilch"
10th hole at wing 21 golf course