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Monday, September 24, 2012

More about 3G in Northeast Thailand

As I posted I purchased CAT CDMA unlimeted 3G service for 590 Baht a month post paid and have been trying to suss it out. I am periodically getting a R in my signal whih Android tells me means roaming, but when I look at my Netowk Signal app it is telling me that it is a GPRS connection, but I can still twitcast which generally needs a 3G connection or wireless to transmit. The when I checked it showed me connected to Hutch 3G here in Sakon Nakhon? and it is telling me roaming is off. Whatever the case may be when I checked I could stream video at 9+fps. Once again the CAT CDMA card is in an Asus Transformer.

Then in the Samsung Note which has always carried the TRUE H I am getting the usual signal and able to stream video at 9fps or a bit more. I will continue to try to sort out and post what I manage to figure out and might even throw TOT 3G into the mix.
I just wish more people, especially here in Isaan would document their experiences.