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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is your Willie White and your Pooper Super In Thailand

Just the other day I learned that, especially in Thailand, having a lily white vagina was mighty important, I should have known there was more to be seen.
Okay so having a white willie must be a must for every hi-so Thai dude hoping  to nestle in that white vagina, also remember that here in Thailand people undertake the training rule to abstain from sexual misconduct, so you ain't gonna have much of an audience, or are you.
Now I have met a few hi-so Thai people of the male persuasion who seem not to particularly like Westerners, but might want a white willie to impress their beloved. And I can see their white vaginaed Thai Princess telling them to just hold on, forget that. And when the  hi-so dude gets home and grabs  his Caucasian  (color not size) looking willie by the neck he might just try to choke it, after all its white.
And since there seems to be no END to this madness "Anal Bleaching – Choosing an Effective Anal Bleaching Cream". Now this might save the dude, for as he walks away from his pricess forlorn and limp she sees his pretty pink pooper and falls hopelessly in lust.
And I for one hope this is the end of this discussion.