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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I am no fan of Dhammakaya in Thailand,but...

and there is a big but as I sit here in Sakon Nakhon. There is a part of the community that would like to see Dhammakaya here in the area. I believe it is not so much wanting Dhammakaya as fed up with what passes for Buddhism in the region and the rest of Thailand.
As you can see in the video below ghosts goblins and superstition are a big part of the local Thuddhist (Thai Buddhist)scene This kind of scary silly religion has little place  in the cities of Isaan and even the old folks see it as a game , but not Buddhism.
Enter Dhammakaya where things are put in terms Thais can understand. "Pay your money and go to Heaven!" Paying for something is much easier than working for it, even on the installment plan. Yes for some reason I hear the words heaven, hell and believe more and more in and around city temples in Isaan.
There will be no end to the coachloads of "believers" dashing from That to That making merit, but Dhammakaya in the area will definitely bite into the weekly takings and that's what has the local hierarchy sweating.
I can see more and more people out in the morning watching as the spotlessly robed dhammakaya monks goosestep by with precision, followed by the local fatties bindabopping down the road. (Bindabhat is morning alms round done with mind fullness while bidabopping is sort of bopping down the road.)
Yes I really think the events in Sakon Nakhon are just the begining of Dhammakaya in Isaan.