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Monday, September 17, 2012

From Behind the Khao Ngiaow Curtain Thailand Society and Buddhism Uncovered 17.09.12

I have been commenting on life in Northeast Thailand for more than 12 of my 17 years here. Most of all, I enjoy showing people the beauty of the region, the people, the places and the events. But on occasion, and more so it seems as I get older, if not wiser, I feel the need to comment on things, let's say not so beautiful, but a reality of life in Thailand.
Thailand insists on calling itself a Buddhist country and to me that is the ugliest lie of all.
The other day the Bangkok Post one of Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies ran this story "Feminine 'white' wash goes too far". Which to me is the final nail in the "Thailand is a Buddhist Country"s  coffin.
According to the fiction of it all Thais are taught and live Buddhism from birth. More than 90% of the population has been taught that the appearance of things means nothing, in simple English, Beauty is Skin Deep.
Okay, truth be told I on occasion  think ugly can go pretty deep, but at the end of the day I would much rather spend time with someone I am comfortable with.
More than once I have sat with a group of Thais and someone has asked me "Isn't she beautiful? Usually I cannot tell due to the heavy amount of paint on the face and point out that I have no idea what she looks like. Of course this is rarely understood in Thailand. If Ii ask how long it takes for this beauty to make herself presentable I hear numbers from 30 minutes to longer than an hour. You have to be in pretty bad shape, really, to need that amount not to scare your companions.  In thailand "FACE" teaches the young that it is not what you look like, but what you can make yourself look like that is important. And at the end of the day so what no one is going to tell you the truth anyhow. But when you have to whiten you vagina just who in the hell are you bullshiting anyway? Every major tenet of Buddhism is not only mocked, but insulted by Thai conduct.
And as far as the government is concerned "The FDA should also strictly enforce the Drug Act, which prohibits exaggerated claims about a drug's quality."Consumer Protection in Thailand #ROFLMAO