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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flood or Drought WTF from Behind the Khao Ngiaow Curtain in Northeast Thailand

A couple months ago I was reading reports that The Mekong or the Mekhong River was at epic levels and Isaan, Northeast Thailand was going to be inundated with waters of Biblical proportions. Now since Thais know even less about Biblicals than they do about Buddhism this caused utter confusion along the western bank of the aforementioned river. Local Christians ran to their bibles to try to sort it out and suddenly people were running to their English Thai dictionaries to look up "locust" and "pestilence". But not to worry that is the way of life here behind the Khao Ngiaow Curtain where rumour is more real than fact.
Point of fact I went to look at the River level and at some historical, as opposed to hysterical informataion and at the end of it all, what's all the fuss about.
Now all the attention, what's new, has turned to the rivers that flow toward the only place that counts"""" BANGKOK"""" previously known as Sodom and Gonorrhea. While here behind the Khao Ngiaow Curtain peopel are waiting for rain to be able to reap their rice crop so that they can collect inflated prices from the Thai Rak Thai v3.1 government and go further into debt.
No one knows what is going on behind the Khao Ngiaow Curtain, but when the government says nothing there is plenty to fear, What news awaits the people  behind the Khao Ngiaow Curtain and when is Prime Minister Lucky Ying going to visit the us here in Isaan behind the Khao Ngiaow Curtain and tell us what to believe? We must wait and see. Is it drought or flood or are we simply inundated with inundation?
From what I have seen the last few weeks the rivers are low, while a good rainfall floods a town,
Life behind the Khao Ngiaow Curtain. We the unwashed led by the unclean. Maybe we are being flooded by a drought?

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