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Friday, September 21, 2012

Breaking News! Bangkok Thailand is Subsiding! from Behind the Khao Ngiaow Curtain 21.09.12

You have got to be kidding me! Are they trying to tell me they are designingand building  Brazillians of Baht of fixes in Bangkok and forgot about the subsidence. BMA: Slow drainage caused by subsidence.  I am finally convinced that nearly anyone above the rank of villager is mad as a hatter in Thailand.
They built Bangkok on a bog and expect it to hover in the universe. Then to help things along the block and build over the canals. Someone finally needs to write the book "Somchai in Wonderland" Like Walt Disney said "Why build a Park in a country that already has 60 million Goofy's.

"An official working at the BMA office told me that the city's water pumps and water pumping system were full of defects, making the BMA's water pumping capacity ineffective," Mr Chuvit posted on his Facebook page."
No shit! 
The level of maintenance at all levels is evident everyday everywhere in the country. No on takes care of anything.
Last year I was speaking with a Government Engineer about the drainage in Khon Kaen. "Very difficult, very difficult" sez he. I ask "What is so difficult 150 meters times 1 kilometer of housing estate times 5cm rain in 1 hour is how much water needs to be drained, very simple" He looked at me like I had just asked him to build a pipeline to the sun for solar power.
English teachers do not have basic english skills. Thai engineers do not have basic math, let alone engineering skills.
Ask a Thai University graduate how many sudents in his class ever failed an examination. There's the story

Thank Gawd Noah wasn't Thai