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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Asus and Me behind the Khao Ngiaow Curtain, Thailand 19.09.12

There has been plenty going on the past week or 2 and I still feel totally confused by modern technology and news in Thailand.
First of all I get my news from a variety of sources, Twitter, the internet and out my front window. There are also a number of people who send me news links on a regular basis, Larry at Khon Kaen Retirement and Frank at The Korat Post. Lately a lot of that has been going into Blog Posts and more research. I am amazed by the need for vagina, penis and anus whiteners, not amazed by the number of lies and omissions from the Thai Government. And Buddhism in Thailand is a story of many chapters in itself. There was the "Iron Curtain", The Bamboo Curtain", I am sure others and the "Kho Ngiaow (or Ngiow) Curtain" here in Thailand. A lot of the news is almost funny if it did not involve the lives of the victims.
Next the technology. Finding ways to broadcast Live from Thailand presents 2 problems.
!st What's Available?
2nd What works on Thailand's antiquated Internet system?

All around Twitcasting is best, but only allows 30 minutes and no zoom.
The webcam is set up on Justin TV, but I cannot use it when using TRUE as my ISP and people on TRUE cannot access it as it is, for some reason" blocked at some ISPs in Thailand.
ustream has this disgusting advert that previews their free service, Veetle is useless and if anyone has any other options PLEASE contact me.
I am now taking and Asus Transformer on the road, and after the 6 hour travail of trying to hook it up to TRUE-H was solved I am quite happy with it. That is another post in itself.
And more to come about Life in Isaan and trying to present Isaan Live