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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ajahn Mun, Wat Wisutthi Tham, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

According to the sign at the kuti Ajahn Mun resided here in 2486 and 2488BE. Now I was told this was for the rains retreats of those years. The question is Ajahn Juan reports meeting Ajahn Mun in Nong Pheu the hermitage where he spent his last years. According to Wikipedia " At age 75, Ajahn Mun decided to settle permanently at his Pheu Pond Hermitage in the deep forest, at the head of the Phu Phan Mountains, near Sakhon Nakhon." As Mun was born in January 1870 he would have been 75 in 1945, hence according to 1 bit of information would have him in Nong Pheu, while the sign in the wat has him about 20 kilometers west of Sakon Nakhon town.
Whatever the case my (sort of) pilgramage to Ajahn Mun sites will continue.
While in Ubon I visited some sites relevant to Ajahn Mun' early monastic life and will be posting that information soon.