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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thailand to Market Buddhism or "Don't do that!

I had heard about Amnart Buasiri, deputy director of the Office of National Buddhism and his statements and had a good laugh, but on careful consideration he has a good idea and this is something Tourism Authority of Thailand can really get involved in as well. Lateky nearly every week we see more proof that Thailand and Buddhism are yoinks apart, so how you might ask can Thailand market Buddhism...easy.
1st Buddhism teaches moderation , Thailand practices all forms of excess Don't do that!
2nd Buddhism teaches the Dhamma, Thailand is all about face no substance Don't do that!
3rd Buddhism teaches Anatta , Thailand teaches narcissism Don't do that!
4th Buddhism teaches Anicca, Thailand shop till you drop Don't do that!
Tourism Authority of Thailandand the 3 Million Baht "Don't do that!" app

 I hope you see where this is going. There can be all sorts of posters, my favorite being the girl in short shorts at the temple the poster can say "Buddhism teaches modesty Thailand teaches "sexy Lady" Don't Do That!
How bout Buddhism teaches Honesty, The Thai government says lying is good for you.
Tourism Authority of Thailand can hold all sorts of Facebook Contests and that twepy mascot can get in on the fun