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Friday, August 31, 2012

Thailand Needs more Status Seekers or Social Climbers , not Buddhists

Even monks need to shop till they drop
In spite of the propaganda I know Thailand is not a Buddhist country, but the  Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies have to add insult to injury with what is becoming, almost daily headlines like "Marketers, advertisers told to focus more on 'status seekers'. Why in a country where the king himself promotes "self sufficiency and moderation" would Big Business appear to promote what is an insult to those practices as well as to whatever Buddhism still exists in the country.
"Image conscious status seekers", how absolutely "Thai" can you get. Is there anything more shallow than thainess.
Why not promote products based on their quality and usefulness, for their lack of impact on the environment.
Market healthy products to a people that are systematically sick? Why nowt promote intelligent use of credit? Why aren't there more companies in Thailand that help people balance their budgets?
There are no "The Hidden Persuaders" in Thailand it is simply blatant manipulation of already greedy minds intent on a desire for more and more.
They even admit that the government is driving overspending and shallowness. Read the article. In a country with almost daily disgusting stories this is one of the worst.

Thailand Sexual Deviants and Gluttons Welcomed" Tourism Authority of Thailand can boast.
Forget Buddhism common decency is in short supple in Thailand