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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thai Government once again Overrules Buddhism

"Monks defrocked for drug abuse" was the lead on another example of the Thai government's abuse of Buddhism in Thailand. Reading through my copies and versions of the Vinaya taking drugs is not a Pæræjika or Parajuka Offense, which would be a grave offence, which is irremediable and dictating disrobement. The Thai police, while they have the right to arrest the monks they have no right to have the monks defrocked.
Next we do not know if these "monks" were  10 precept samana or were they fully ordained Bhikkhus. Also how many Pansaa, years in robes did they have. Why was not the abbot of the monastery aware of the drug use, monks with less than 5 years are closely monitored. There are more questions than answers in this article.
One thing that is clear yet again is that the Thai version of Buddhism has little to do with the real thing.