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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sorting out What's what at Wat Pa Suttiwat, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand, 10.08.12

I finally determined to do a real recce at the Monastery and see once and for all what of Ajahn Mun' final days was here.
As usual the first person to great me was the lottery ticket seller "Welcome to the land of #thaibuddhism". I finally realised that this was a "Wat Pa", not in the idea of forest wat, but in the Dhammayut tradition of not in the city, back then.
As you can see by the vihara, monks quarters, this is not a place for solitary, quiet meditation.
A women dressed to her Armani pits was directing some monks as to where to put here flowers and spotted me and went on to give me the tour, which I had taken myself many times over the years, until...."here is where Ajahn Mun stayed" Well if that were the case Ajahn Mun died only a few years ago, judging by the age of the wood. Then to add insult to her stupidity showed me his walking meditation path. When Ajahn Mun arrived at the temple he was taking his last breaths and certainly not mobile. All in all this woman reminded me of the one at Wat Pa Ban Taad who told me about Luangta Maha Bowwa ordaining her son. He was not upajaia and did not ordain anyone. Anyhow, this expert finished directing the monks in the flower display for Mothers Day climbed into her Vulva and left. I went and "sat" in the museum for a bit and then left as well.
Oh by the way a Vulva is a female Volvo.
Historically Wat Pa Suttiwat is one of ,if not the first Dhammayut wat in Sakon Nakhon and seems to have kept the tradition as well as Wat Pa Salawan in Khorat. (That is Sarcasm)