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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rural Roads the Latest Bullshit Alert Thailand

Larry at Khon Kaen Retirement sent me the latest bullshit alert from the National News Bureau of Thailand (AKA Bullshit Central).  "Rural Roads Dept affirms completion of road repairs by end of Oct". "...Pisak Jitviriyavasin said on Wednesday that the repairs of 530 roads, which have been damaged in the 2011 flood crisis, are almost completed."Well 530 rural roads, that's really interesting, and that's the whole country. But how many kilometers of road are we talking about and the rural roads damaged by flood make up a small part  of the hundreds if not thousands of kilometers of rural roads in Isaan, Northeast Thailand alone. 75% of my time is spent on these "Red Shirt" roads as I call them. They are our gift from Thai Rak Thai versions 1 through 3. The roads like Road 2112 in the video are a blessing as you know what you are on. The killers are the ones that you move along at a comfortable 90k and hour and suddenly drop into a hole 1 meter in diameter and half a meter deep and they are spread out like a minefields throughout the region. I will not drive after dark on secondary roads. Without at least quarterly and occasionally monthly front end alignments you can easily go to a set of tires in 10,000k or less. In the past year while checking areas that were flooded last year I have seen 1 section along the Chii River in Mahasarakham rehabilitated. I just recently re-traveled the Lampao Dam toward Sahatsakhan and nothing has been touched.
Just more statements without data. Tell me what roads and where I want to go see for myself. And why don't Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies, ask for this information instead of constantly sticking their collective noses where the sun don't shine. Look on a map and see road 2112 in the Eastern side of Ubon Province, it is a great way for all the tourists to experience the area along the Mekhong River